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Our range of products


We cover a wide range of products that we think are the best in the industry. Click on the following categories

to find out of the specific models that we offer.

Machining Center/Milling


We have Vertical & Horizontal Machining Centres, ranging from 600 to 6000mm for the X travel. Our Machining Centres are from Taiwan, Taichung, the centre of Machinery Making  in Taiwan. Of course, the quality is much higher than those coming from China and India. Comparing with the Japanese and Europe brands, they are slightly below BUT the price is much lower !

Furthermore,  with some easy maintenence, these Taiwan made machines can last a minimum of 8 years, with proper maintenence. 


For the manual Milling ,we also have an extensive range, fitted with glass linear scales of 0.005 mm resolutions for accurate machining

CNC Vertical & Horizontal Turning Center/Lathe


We have Horizontal lathes, with spindle bore ranging from 52 to 400mm. The longest workpiece, ranging from 750 to 6000mm and more. The CNC controls are Fanuc, Mitsubishi and Fagor CNC Systems, The bearings used are Timken, SKF and NSK, giving good accuracy and long life.  With proper maintenence, these machines from Taiwan will give many years of trouble free machining.

CNC Wirecut/EDM/Super Drill


We have sold EDMs and Super Drills to Aerospace industries and they gave us repeat orders, attesting to their superior performance over the years. 


Our customers have done comparison test  and our company have seen competitors EDM machining performance and we dare say our machining performance is very stable and consistent. 


We have the Manual, Fuzzy NC and the full CNC fitted with Auto tool change.


Made in Taiwan, high performance/ low price.


Most of all,  they are long life machines giving many years of service, with proper care.

CNC Grinding/Surface Grinder


We have Surface grinders ranging in size from 300mm to 6000mm for the X travel.


The series range from Manual to Semi auto to Fully Auto to  CNC series. 


The spindle bearings are Timken and SKF and are made to last and giving 5 micron as the maximum range for a flat work piece.


The casting are heat treated and annealed according to protocol and accuracy is maintained many years down the road.


Made in Taiwan. Low price but with high accuracy and performance.


We also have Rotary grinders for special applications.

NC Band Saw/Vertical & Horizontal Band Saw


We have Horizontal and Vertical Bandsaw ranging in size from 225 mm to 1200mm, cross section.


They come in Manual / Semi Auto and Fully Auto models.


We have customers that are using it for 12 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week and they are still going strong, after 10 years.


Made in Taiwan with long lasting components, yet the price is very affordable.

Machine Accessories


Rotary tables, hydraulic vises, machining centre vises, milling collets, drill chucks, 3 Jaw Chucks and many other machine accessories are readily available.


Made in Taiwan. High quality and affordable prices are the attractive factors.


Please click the button below to see the full range of accessories that we have.

Used Machines


We also sell used machines.

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