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Coolkid 1

Intelligent Humanoid Robot

Extremely Durable

Easy way to commute

Cookid intelligent robot has 17 joint of DOFs ( degrees of freedom), each of the right and left leg has 5 DOFs, each of the arm has 3 DOFs and the head has one DOF. COOKID can complete a variety of complex movements such as dancing, doing gymnastics, performing Kung fu; it can support wireless communication and wireless download, it can be remote controlled by computer, tablet PC, phone and remote control. 

1.With global unique 3D programming software, which has a powerful function in software programming, children above 8 years old  can freely edit all kinds of action they want. The simple operation, only need to drag the mouse on the computer interface to edit the program can be

2.The product can be controlled by  tablet PC, mobile phone WiFi, and the control signal is more stable.
3.COOKID can complete a variety of complex movements such as dancing, doing gymnastics, performing Kung fu. 
4. The products let the children develop the programming knowledge while enjoy with the robot;
5.The product integrate the function of  intelligent entertainment and interactive learning. Simple and complex programs can be completed by dragging the mouse,which can enhance children's ability of thought and practice.

6. Our products are unique: let the children contact the software, understanding of software, learning software, the use of software while playing with robot.

3D visual motion programming software

Humanoid simulation makes robots more affectionate

High precision rotation makes it easy to deal with a variety of high difficulty actions

Anti pinch and impact resistant environmental protection material give you all around safety protection

Super sustainable operation in the state of full power 

High speed connection to WiFi

Compatible with ios/android system

simple intelligent operation on  APP terminal


Product size          

Product weight       

Product material        

Degree of freedom       


Battery capacity          


H 421mm W 189mm T 99mm


ABS plastic housing


Double track speaker


ARM 32-bit MCH

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